Firm Profile
A firm's ethos is evident from its mission statement. The Jacobson, P.C. Mission Statement is:

To SERVE every client in a personalized, complete, considerate and fair manner.

To RESPOND to clients in a timely fashion.

To PERFORM all services with uncompromised attention to technical competence, education, technology and ethics.

To ACKNOWLEDGE that with each client, colleague, associate and employee we have a relationship and strive to communicate effectively, work efficiently, and to add value.

To EMBRACE the fact that our world, and thus the economic and financial sphere, is global, diverse and in a constant state of change, creating ongoing opportunities and challenges. We want to help you identify the opportunities and navigate the challenges that proactive and strategic use of the tax code provides.

In our view, every client relationship is like a partnership; your success results in our success. Our work with you involves a collaborative process; your benefits increase with recognition that we are a team.

You have our assurance that the professional services you receive from Jacobson, P.C. come from years of advanced training, technical experience, financial acumen and the support of a network of selected top-tier professionals.

We are a boutique firm specializing in tax preparation, tax planning & projections, tax consulting and research, multi-jurisdictional tax, transaction analysis and accounting for:

  • Individuals

    Sole Proprietors & Single Member LLCs

    Corporations (C & S entities)

    Partnerships (GPs, LPs, LLPs)

    Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)



    Tax-Exempt Organizations

    The continual investment of time and resources in professional education, extensive strategic business associations, and in technology demonstrates our commitment to quality and dedication to service.

    Our rates are reasonable and we make every effort to help you contain the cost and maximize the value of our services.